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See yourself the way God does so you can actually BELIEVE you're enough just the way you are.


In this course you'll not only discover your value, you'll gain the courage and the confidence to go after your dreams and become who you were meant to be.

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Have You Been SUFFERING THROUGH life hating yourself, wishing you were never born, or just not loving who you see in the mirror?


Stop feeling worthless and unworthy.


YOU were designed for more!


I care because I've been there.

Follow These Easy Steps that I used to...

...drag myself out of the depths of...

  • self-loathing
  • embarrassment


  • hating the person looking back at me in the mirror ...if I was even brave enough to look
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You don't have to go to college (or even graduate ANY school) to understand these fun, easy to follow lessons.


This isn't your typical boring course. How could you expect any less from a multi-award winning actress?

Life Changing

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